Why Run Motorcycle VIN check

Every vehicle, including cars, trucks and motorcycles, has a VIN number.It reveals the vehicle’s background information, features and history. Thus, VIN number can help find out the bike’s model, year, engine type, country of origin and assembly plant. Whether you own a bike or are considering purchasing a used one, knowing its VIN is a must. While the code itself is not worth memorizing, knowing its location on the bike is essential.

Where can I find the motorcycle VIN?

The bike’s VIN is found on its registration and title papers, but it is important for the bike ownerto be able to locate it on your 2-wheeler itself, as they may need it when being on the road. For example, you may need the VIN code to choose the right parts for you motorcycle. A salesperson may ask you for it in order to find suitableparts for your particular bike.

On most bike models, the VIN is etched on the steering neck. To find it, simply turn the handlebar to the left and you’ll see the VIN on the frame.

If you are going to sell your motorcycle, provide a prospective buyer with a comprehensive VIN report to prove that you’re a trusted and honest seller. If you are considering a second hand bike, motorcycle VIN search will easily reveal if the bike has been stolen, flooded, damaged o rebuilt.You can also learn motorcycle value by VIN and avoid paying more than it actually worth.

How to Perform Motorcycle VIN Number Check?

Each character of your bike’s VIN is assigned its own meaning:

  • The 1st character of the bike VIN identifies the motorcycle’s manufacturing country. For example, 2 is Canada, W is Germany, 1 or 4 is USA.
  • The second character reveals the bike manufacturer. For example, H is Honda, K is Kawasaki, S is Suzuki.
  • The third character tells what the vehicle is. Thus, motorcycles commonly get A or 1.
  • The next five characters give the portrait of the bike, including engine brand, size and type. These symbols vary by manufacturer.
  • The ninth digit of your bike VIN doesn’t give any information about the motorcycle but is used to verify the VIN.It is always represented by a digit.
  • The tenth symbol is a year. For example, Y is 2000, 1 is 2001, A is 2010.
  • The VIN’s eleventh character is the code of theassembly factory.
  • The last six symbols are the serial code of your bike.

You are free to use our service to read your motorcycle VIN number. Simply enter the code to the search field and get a comprehensive report of your bike.

This is everything every bike owner and shopper should know about motorcycle VIN numbers. Knowing this information, you will make smart financial decisions what it comes to selling/buying a bike.

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