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Our Infinity vin check allows to make sure that chosen model meets your requirements. Using Infinity vin search tool it`s possible to specify all target details including car manufacturer, engine type and other data. Infinity recalls by vin help you to prevent possible problems and get essential information.

History of Japanese company Infinity is closely linked to the concern Nissan history which existed in 70-90 years of XX century. In 1975 after beginning of fuel crisis in USA amateurs of Detroit`s big three started to pay regard for inexpensive and fuel-efficient cars of Japanese producers. Thus, in the following ten years company Nissan became one of the car market leaders of USA and Canada and stably established there.

Later Japanese company created new line of cars named Infinity which presented luxury versions of actual Nissan models. In 1990 a brand model named Infinity Q45 was demonstrated. Later sporting model of coupe called Infiniti M30 was issued. In 1996 the first off-road luxurious car Infinity M30 has been produced. By 2020 year brand is firmly established at American automobile market, became recognizable and desired. Next Infinity models which were presented in 2002 and 2003 became a revolution. Medium-sized sedan Infinity G35 equipped with forced 1,5 liter engine of 240 horsepower. A little later a full-size all-wheel drive model named M45 was released. Full-sized crossover Infinity FX35/45 which maximum engine power was 280 horsepower became a real hit at American market and beyond. Share of this model represented a half of sales of all sold Nissan cars. Since 2004 unofficial dealers began to deliver the model to Europe. Namely FX became a fashion trendsetter in an innovative segment where carmakers attempted to copy its high-tech design with acute lines and smooth body design.

Three years later it was agreed to put Infinity to European automobile market that resulted in leadership in this segment. Later the company demonstrated second generation Infinity FX in 2008 that caused new revolution in automobile world.

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