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Autos That You Should Avoid Buying According to Car Critics

Modern car buyers are faced with a saturated market of vehicles, each promising the best driver’s experience. Yet, every year there are vehicles that not only miss the average mark — they fail horribly in several ways.These vehicles make buyers wonder what car manufacturer’s and designers were thinking when they opted to bring their product to market.

Below are some of the worst of worst vehicles that you will do well to avoid during your buying decisions.

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Is Buying a Rental Car a Good Idea

Every year, rental companies offer a number of their fleet rental vehicles for sale. In fact, many rental agencies have made this a vital part of their business-acquiring newer rentals and selling off their older vehicles. In this way the business spends less on the maintenance involved in caring for an older vehicle. All of the major rental companies have a stake in used rental car sales. Here’s what you need to consider if you are planning to test out what they have to offer:

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How to Arrange Safe Long-Term Storage of Your Car

It happens sometimes that you need to leave a vehicle for a long term. For sure you wish that it is in a running order when you start using it again. Maybe you are going on business overseas for some time. Or maybe you are planning a long term vacation. No matter what the reason is, you have to arrange safe storage of the vehicle. You cannot simply leave it in a garage, as you may find it with dead battery, damaged tires or engine.

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How Much is a Used Car Really Worth?

You must know the real cost of the car before making purchase. Whether you buy from a dealership or the private seller, it is important to know the current cost of the car. To find out, how much is a used car it isn't necessary to be the expert. Actually in 85 percent of cases of the price of used cars are connected with the cost of new similar cars, cost of the certified used cars (car which are sold by dealers), balance of supply and demand in the market, a condition of an economic situation in the country and of course confidants of insurance companies who reduce the market value of the car on the basis of natural depreciation.

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Why Run Motorcycle VIN check

Every vehicle, including cars, trucks and motorcycles, has a VIN number.It reveals the vehicle’s background information, features and history. Thus, VIN number can help find out the bike’s model, year, engine type, country of origin and assembly plant. Whether you own a bike or are considering purchasing a used one, knowing its VIN is a must. While the code itself is not worth memorizing, knowing its location on the bike is essential.

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