VIN check and its history for Alfa romeo

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The Italian company Alfa Romeo became famous due to manufacturing sports cars. It has been producing unique cars which can be found not only at special car races but also on city roads. You are a well-off person if you have such car in you garage. But if you can’t afford a new car, don’t be upset. The market is full of used Alfa Romeo cars which you can buy at a quite moderate price. But be careful so that not to be cheated. The car you have chosen could have an accident and get some damages. To make yourself safe, use such service as alfa romeo vin check. Alfa romeo recall check will provide you with all the information about the car’s history. Everything you need is to start alfa romeo vin search and study carefully the data offered.

The history of appearance of this popular brand is quite interesting. It was developing in the atmosphere of races and sports. Everything started in 1906 when the company Societa Italiana Automobili Darracq was set up and they started manufacturing light French cars named Darracq in Naples. Unfortunately, the car wasn’t popular with the locals. At that time the head of the company was Ugo Stella and he decided to organize a new company which would manufacture Italian cars. So, the new company Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica di Automobili (A.L.F.A.) appeared in 1910. Soon the core business of Alfa was moved to Milan. The crest of Milan city was used as an emblem for A.L.F.A. cars. A snake and a cross on the white background became the symbol of the cars.

In Milan the first car called 24 HP was released. The car was making 100 kmh. It was absolutely unbelievable at that time! The company’s cars took part in the Targa Florio race and this fact was the best advertisement for them. In the beginning of the First World War the company was bought by Nikola Romeo and the new constituent was added to the name – it became Alfa Romeo. Lots of talented designers worked for the company. Among them there were Vittorio Yano and Rudolf Hruska. In 1960 Alfa Romeo company had to join Fiat group because it had lots of debts. This event put new life into the process of manufacturing cars. Such popular models as Spider, GTV, Mito and Crosswagon were created. In 2006 the company celebrated its 100 anniversary.

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