VIN check and its history for Audi

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For the present moment Audi is the German company which is leading in selling premium cars in the world market. The most popular models of the company’s cars are Audi A3 Sportback, Audi А4, Audi А6, Audi Q3, Audi Q5 и Audi Q7. Everybody knows that the cars produced by the company are prestigious, reliable and expensive. But not all the people can afford to buy a new Audi car. If you belong to this category, think about purchasing a used Audi car. You won’t regret. The quality is good but the cost of used cars is much lower and the risk of buying a stolen car or damaged one is not so high if you use Audi vin check service. The service which involves audi part number lookup will provide you with the information about the year the car was released, its previous owners and the details of its operation. Audi vin search is an excellent way to get rid of any doubts and realize your dream about having a car.

The company Audi was set up by a young engineer August Horch in 1910. It was his second attempt to start his own business and the attempt turned out to be quite a successful one. “Horch” means “listen” in German; the same meaning has the Latin word “Audi”. So the company got the name of its founder translated into Latin. The company has been the part of Volkswagen Group since 1964, but it managed to assert its individuality.

Among all the models represented in the Audi car line, the most favorite one is Audi 80. The company manufactured more than 4 million copies of this model. This model of the car proved its reliability and high quality. Audi Quattro became the first rally car produced by the company. The car took the first prize twice. The legendary model of Audi TT was presented in Frankfurt in 1995. The car was very light due to the unique and original combination of steel and aluminum and it immediately had a big success. The company’s crossover Audi Q7 appeared in 2005 and it was first presented in the car salon in Frankfurt. Audi A3 is a hatchback car of a family type. The model is very popular in Europe and has lots of different awards.

During its lifetime the company has experienced lots of ups and downs but it managed to enter the 21 century as a brand which symbolizes and represents legendary German quality.

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