VIN check and its history for Cadillac

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Cadillac is a US-based GM division marketing luxury vehicles which are distributed in more than 35 markets worldwide. Being founded in 1902, it is also one of the oldest car brands. By the 1909, the year when the brand was purchased by the GM, Cadillac had already proven to be a premier luxury automaker. Thanks to interchangeability of its parts, the company was able to start mass production.

Since 1981, each Cadillac is assigned a standardized VIN number which can reveal all the information about a car you may need. Prior 1981, Cadillac VIN numbers were not standardized, and each manufacturer used their own VIN system. For that reason, it may be somewhat more difficult to get pre-1981 Cadillac history report, but there are still many online services providing VIN check for older cars.

Whether you are going to buy a Cadillac from a private owner or dealer, Cadillac VIN check is a must step to ensure that the seller doesn’t hide any issues. You can find out if a car was stolen, somehow damaged, retitled, rebuilt, or if there were any Cadillac recalls applied to your car.

Cadillac is a car of choice of many drivers looking for quality, reliability and safety. The brand is always at the forefront of different technological advances, among which are the steel roof, clashless manual transmission, and full electrical systems. It also created the revolutionary Delco lighting and ignition system, catalytic converters, and the independent front suspension. Among the most prominent models of the brand are the Deville, the Brougham, and the Eldorado. The latter was a front-wheel drive, which became a new standard for a personal luxury car.

The 1070s saw the downsizing of Cadillac models, which got smaller dimensions, smaller engines and lost hundreds of pounds, but theygot taller windows. New models also featured greater fuel efficiency and improved handling. In 1980s, Cadillac continued to downsize its models and introduced the Cimarron compact.

Today, Cadillac boasts a status of privileged car producers. In the 2000s it introduced a new design philosophy called “Art and science”, which spreads from the CTS and to the XLR roadster. With more than 12 thousand employees, the automaker continues to improve its models and develop new innovative features and equipment.

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