VIN check and its history for Chevrolet

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If there is a “God of the Road” this God if Chevrolet. The brand has always been associated with fast, powerful and stylish autos produced under one of the most recognizable badges over the globe. Our service will be necessary to check the origins of the car and other specs, including Chevrolet recalls by VIN. Sometimes even seller is not able to provide the information that can be obtained via Chevrolet VIN number check service. You only need to indicate Chevrolet VIN number and you'll be able to obtain information about the vehicle's history.

The company was officially founded by Louis Chevrolet who teamed up with William Durant who used to work as the head of GM before.

Famous Chevrolet logo was officially registered three years after the brand was founded. There are still many argues and versions regarding the origin of the badge. But some say that representation of the Swiss flag cross was once seen by Duran during his trip to France on the hence of one noble man’s house. Well, it does not actually matter how the logo was designed, starting from 1913 all Chevrolet models had this badge on their body.

During 1910’s the brand was eventually absorbed by GM to become its separate division. Such collaboration provided the company with more powers and facilities to produce high quality reliable autos. In 1918 production of iconic D model was launched. These cars had exceptional V8 engine under the bonnet producing 35 HP which was a sensation for that period of time. Later it was decided to replace those motors with smaller 6-cylinder ones. It resulted in better commercial success and rapid sales growth. The engine became very popular mainly thanks to its high level of durability and life span.

Chevrolet never stopped its innovative approach and in 1950 the defining presentation of the Powerglide transmission took place. Now the brand was able to equip its models with automatic shifting without price increase. Right after the introduction of new transmission legendary Corvette took the audience by storm. This model is still considered to be American automotive classics and heritage. Taking into account that now the company has rather tight production line with few models, some old cars appeared to be of great value for collectors as vintage reminding of former power and style. That is why you can also enter the community of auto gourmets and get a used Chevy at low price.

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