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André Citroen came up with an idea of creating his own car producing company in 1905. He was only 27 years old full of innovative ideas. Though he lived far before punk subculture was developing in the world, his approach and conception of building cars could be probably described as punk and avant-garde. From the very beginning of brand’s development Citroen models gave been popular for their outstanding and extraordinary design. New autos also reflect the same conception. Though they can be a bit too expensive, drivers can always opt for used cars. Our service will make it easy to get full information on vehicle and check with necessary data, including Citroen recalls by VIN number. Citroen VIN search is an easy tool for those who want to avoid any problems with their cars in future. Users can choose between paid and free Citroen VIN check services available online.

The founder of popular French automaker was raised in rather wealthy family. From the early childhood he was involved in engineering and innovative technologies. After graduating from prestigious university he decided to devote his life to engineering and car producing filed and eventually founded one of the most eye-catching brands.

The first ever model was presented to the public in 1919. Type A enjoyed enormous success. It had rather powerful 4-cylinder engine under the bonnet which made it possible for the vehicle to gain maximum speed up to 40.4 mph. It was a great result for the post war period in the automotive industry. This model led the company to the top rate. Citroen became the biggest French automaker.

The main advantage of every vehicle was the fact that they all featured innovative technologies combined with high level of comfort while driving. Later the company released its most popular models which included 22CV and 11CV. They were equipped with innovative traction system which could be found in Citroen cars only. Later they were modified with more stylish body. Now the brand deals with wide selection of models which are considered to be affordable and of high quality at the same time.

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