VIN check and its history for Dodge

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What is the first name which comes to your mind when we speak of muscle cars? Dodge is obviously the one. This legendary American car producing brand was actually the first to launch production of vehicles which determined future development of the automotive industry in the US. Some of its models have become desired unites for collectors of epic muscle cars. We can see them in popular Hollywood blockbusters and on auto exhibitions. You can also become a happy owner of such masterpiece opting for used model. In such case Dodge VIN check service will certainly come in handy. Getting information about Dodge recalls by VIN will provide you with all data which is necessary to learn before completing your purchase. Dodge VIN search tool will help you to obtain production year, information about manufacturer and features and more.

But let’s get back to the history of one of the most influential car brands in automotive industry of 20th century. John Francis and Horace Elgin Dodge founded their company in 1901. At that time they mainly dealt with producing bikes. Later they moved to Detroit aiming on getting their place in car producing filed which looked rather promising at that point of history.

The brand started producing spare parts for leading American auto brands including Cadillac and more. Many of them appeared to be returning customers considering high quality products and innovative approach to every task. In 1914 Dodge Brothers Motor Vehiclecompany was officially registered. It was a new step in development of world’s famous automaker.

At first Dodge mainly produced cars which were based on Ford Model T with several different features and improvements which could be found only in Dodge models. They included electric starter and several other modifications which made it possible for the company to compete with main rivals in their segment. On the peak of its success the company was sold to Dillon for enormous price of $146 million making ex-owners rich and wealthy for the rest of their lives. Later it was sold to Chrysler and the Renault. French automaker owned the brand until 1980’s. The company has released several iconic muscle cars including legendary Charger, Viper and many more.

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