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FIAT car is a good choice for those who want to save their money and to get European design instead. The majority of people think that the quality of FIAT cars produced in late 90s is quite low. That’s why if you make up your mind to purchase one of the cars produced in that period, be careful and always use fiat vin check. It will help to answer lots of your questions. You can use fiat vin search to find the information about the former car owners and some other important things connected with car operation. All the necessary information fiat recalls by vin will be accessible for you in a few minutes.

FIAT (Fabrica Italiana Automobili Torino) is the biggest Italian automobile company. It manufactures moto cars, sports cars, trucks and different kinds of industrial and agricultural vehicles. The head office of the company is situated in Turin. The company was founded in 1899 by a group of investors and started car assembly under the “Renault” license with “De Dion” engines. In 1903 steel import tax was cancelled and the expansion of production started. Fiat cars became popular not only in Italy but in other parts of the world. In 1908 Fiat Automobile Co. was opened in the USA. During the First and the Second World Wars the company stopped manufacturing moto cars and started the production of commercial and moto transport.

In the eighties the robot-assisted system «Robogate» for car assembly was created. In the 1990s the company opted for a new innovative way of development to become more competitive.

The first model of FIAT car was Tipo Zero. In spite of the company’s serious attitude to the design, this model of the car was similar to the cars produced by the other companies. To change the situation the owners of the company decided to design 6 different kinds of radiator enclosure. In 1912 the first fourseater was produced. It was FIAT 409. So the mass production of affordable cars started. In 1930s two more compact and comfortable models of cars were presented – Balilla and Topolino. In 1983 four-wheel-drive car FIAT Panda was introduced to the public. It was the smallest car which had four wheel drive. The quality was not so good, but the price was excellent. One more model of the FIAT car Uno became a real success. It accumulated all the new technologies which FIAT had. In 2007 the new generation of FIAT – FIAT 500 was manufactured. The car turned out to be unusual, quite expensive and very popular among women.

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