VIN check and its history for Ford

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Ford car is considered to be one of the most reliable cars in the world. That’s why even the used cars are in favor among people. But those of you who want to purchase one of the Ford cars should turn to ford vin search. The system of ford vin check allows you to know if the car had any accidents, if it was stolen or had several owners. The information ford recalls by vin will help you avoid lots of problems and difficulties.

Everybody knows the name of this popular American brand. It was set up in the beginning of the twentieth century by Henry Ford and developed so fast and successfully that it was able to win the hearts of lots of people in a few years.

In 1908 ten thousands of cars were sold and it set the record in automobile industry of that time. In 1913 due to line assembly work, introduced by Ford, the company manufactured the half of all the cars in the USA. Ford’s workers got a good salary. Ford’s company also owns Lincoln brand, which was founded in 1917 by Henry Liland. In 1922 because of the financial difficulties it was sold to Ford. Nowadays Ford Motor Company has assembly centers and hubs in 30 countries of the world.

Ford introduced a lot of original technological decisions. New models of cars have no petrol cap. Moto cars have the system of pressure check-up in a tyre. The Focus model is equipped with the system of automatic parking. As many other manufactures, Ford designed DSG. It’s called Powershift. The seat belts designed by the company protect head and neck. MyKey is a special flash key for teenagers. The system allows parents to control inexperienced drivers. It sets a speed limit, allows switching on a radio recorder only if a seat belt is fasten and signalizes about the lack of petrol. By the way, the system is useful for old people either.

In 2012 the company presented a new concept of car production. The company is planning to make the design of cars produced in different parts of the world similar. The names of the models may vary and differ. For example, European Mondeo is sold in the USA as Fusion but they look similar.

The most popular and reliable models of Ford cars are Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, Grand C-Max, Kuga, S Max, Galaxy, Ranger, Explorer. The Ford cars have proved their reliability and high quality.

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