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Our Hummer vin check will help you to prevent problems and familiarize with essential information concerning chosen car. Using Hummer vin search tool will provide you with necessary information and allows to specify all target details of car models. Information about Hummer recalls by vin will allow you to make sure that chosen car is in good repair and can be found by entering alpha-numeric combination.

Hummer is a trade mark of Chinese concern «Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery» and presents rebranding name for civilian vehicle created on the basis of a military car HMMWV. Hummer vehicles were developed and constructed for travelling long distances and allow you to test your limits while driving. Hummers are some of the most diversified vehicles in the world and definitely unique.

Philosophy of army tactical vehicle that is able to move on highway and out of public roads in the conditions of combat operations emerged during the Second World War. After the war these offroaders designed for various purposes were adopted in armies of all countries. Hummer models meet the main requirements: high cross-country ability including buckling resistance, side-slop stability, small dimensions, visibility and ability to transport a trailer.

The North American company «AM General» developed a model of Hummer offroaders. The project HMMWV was launched in 1979. In total fifteen base modifications were developed on the platform of the new offroader and eight of them have arming of various type and for different purpose.

In 1981 Hummer was accepted by USA for military activities and became famous after using in the Gulf War against Iraq. Nowadays Hummer is released in various modifications which make it really multipurpose military transport.

In 1992 сompany «General Motors» started production of civil model which was named Hummer H1. Civil version was different from military car due to several changes.

In 2010 «General Motors» released the last Hummer offroader. After discontinuation of production of Hummer cars the company will continue producing of Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.

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