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Our service for checking Hyundai vehicle history and Hyundai recalls by vin number will allow you to make sure that chosen model is in proper condition and ready for operation. By means of Hyundai vin check it`s possible to familiarize with essential information concerning the target model. Using Hyundai vin search tool you`ll get all necessary data and can specify any details that help to avoid possible problems. The South Korean automobile company «Hyundai» was established in 1967. During the first years it released three variants of motor-cars and one truck of American brand Ford under license. Nevertheless, after favourable market entry Hyundai began to produce own model and demonstrated it in 1974.

In 1985 Hyundai turned into the largest car seller in South Korea and began to sell cars in Canada. In 1986 Hyundai entered American market. In 1991 the first brand engines designed by company`s engineers were demonstrated. During the same period two cars were simultaneously released: hatchback of class C and Hyundai Galloper. In 1988 Hyundai released medium-sized sedan of class D named Sonata. A little later comfortable sedan Lantra intended for American market was demonstrated. 1998 year became a real groundwork of company`s great success after announcement of the merger with Korean automobile brand KIA that led to developing of several innovative models. In 1999 a strategic agreement on cooperation with company «Daimler Chrysler» was concluded that allowed Hyundai to release its offroader Santa Fe intended for sales in countries of North America and Europe. In 2002 hatchback of class A was issued and gained a great popularity at auto markets of developing countries. This model existed till 2012 year.

XI century was marked by production of various classes budget-priced models in large amounts. Compact and medium-sized crossovers Tussoni Santa Fe 2 were presented. Innovative generations of Elantra and Accent went on sale. In 2011 widely recognizable European car named Hyundai Solaris was demonstrated and gained such popularity that its accurate copy named RIO was produced by KIA.

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