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Our Isuzu vin check will help you to familiarize with essential information concerning the target car. By using Isuzu vin search tool you can specify all target details about chosen model which help you to prevent possible problems. Isuzu recalls by vin will allow you to make sure that chosen model is in proper condition.

In 1949 Isuzu was registered as a new name of Japanese automobile company «Tokio Auto Industry». However history of Isuzu began in the second decade of the twentieth century when a small Japanese firm tried to launch production of trucks. In 1918 the company released the first self-designed truck giving impetus to its further development. By 1928 entire transport line including model Isuzu was created. The model named after one of sacred Japanese rivers. In 1933 Isuzu joined «Dot Automobile Manufacturing Inc». New larger company started production of trucks. Three years later the first Japanese diesel engine was designed and gained popularity among numerous customers.

Isuzu diesel engine achieved numerous positive feedbacks from foreign producers. Isuzu concluded a cooperation agreement with English brand «Ruts» providing Isuzu with technologies for manufacturing model Hilman. Later this model became one of widely popular brands on Japanese market and brought significant income.

In 1963 Isuzu presented its first motor-car called Bellet and three years later plant Isuzu was established in Thailand for meeting high demand on inexpensive and robust sedan. The plant started assembling cars of the brand «General Motors» for automobile market of Japan and South Korea.

In 2001 and 2002 the first generation of power-plants meeting rigorous requirements of the Government of Japan which would enter into force since 2003 was released. Company Isuzu achieved numerous awards and started engine production for concern «Toyota». By 2009 Isuzu had released more than 21 million diesel engines which present in vehicles across the world. Isuzu vehicles present in numerous commercial markets.

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