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Italian automobile company «Iveco» was established in 1975 when department producing trucks of German trademark «Magirus-Deutz» came under management of Italian concern «Fiat» in 1974.

Managements of Fiat decided to ensure new enterprise with maximal freedom. As a result the company Iveco was divided into several subdivisions. Сompany «Iveco Magirus» continued producing fire rescue trucks and ambulances whereas subdivision «Iveco unique» manufactured power-plants for trucks and commercial cars under the brand «Kursor».

In 1978 the first jointly designed car on the basis of entire Iveco production capacity was demonstrated. The car allowed to replace morally outdated commercial trucks Fiat 238 and 24 in the model line of concern Fiat.

In 1980 a family of fire-engines developed in accordance with model «Daily» design was presented. The same year completely updated full-sized truck «Iveco EcoZeta» was produced.

In 1986 a fairly large investment package was formed due to favourable sales which allowed compensate all costs of modernization and updating of Iveco production capacities. In 1990 comprehensive modernization of Italian company`s models was begun. In 1991 Spanish company Pegaso joined Iveco that let to launch manufacturing of buses and passenger traffic under trademark Fiat. After this acquisition Iveco started to sell its models in Latin America and founded two enterprises in Brazil. In 2000 the company completely updated model range and concluded a contract for manufacturing armored cars and special-purpose equipment for Italian armed forces. In 2012 Iveco concluded a new agreement for delivering armored cars and heavy trucks with armed forces of South Korea, Argentina, Chile and South Africa and increased incomes.

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