VIN check and its history for Jaguar

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Jaguar is one of the most popular car brands. It is mainly specialized in manufacturing luxury sports cars and its models are recognizable and desired all over the world. Obtaining such car is the same as having an expensive yacht. It comes with style and premium class. Only rich and wealthy people can afford buying a new Jaguar auto. But it does not mean that casual consumers should be left without joy of driving that vehicle. Buying a used one will be a great option. Information about Jaguar recalls by VIN will be necessary to get detailed info on particular model. Jaguar VIN check is a great source of official data regarding place and date of manufacturing, main features and more. Jaguar VIN search is a fast and easy tool available for all buyers.

Though the history of the company dates back to 1922, Jaguar brand and logo were officially registered in 1932. This is when the first models were also produced and introduced to the automotive world. Some other brand names were used until that time. At the same time all autos were manufactured under SS logo which stranded for name of brand founders. But this was only until 1940’s. The logo was changed as it could be associated with Nazis.

The defining moment for the company was introduction of its actually most popular model. XK 120 enjoyed huge success and stimulated the sales growth of the company. 10,000 units were sold despite being rather pricy. The brand started exporting XK 120 to other countries. Later iconic model was followed by several improved modifications including XK 140 and XK 150.

Jaguar brand tried to conquer several other segments including luxury saloons. After introducing several models of new class it was clear that the idea was doomed to failure. New autos were not very popular with consumers and the sales level was decreasing. E-Type was called to improve the situation and so it did. This car determined new strategy of the company that was focused on innovations, high class and great performance. Now the company is owned by Tata Motors Indian Group and still produces award-winning autos under one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

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