VIN check and its history for Lancia

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Lancia is a world’s recognizable Italian car producing brand which has a very rich history fill of exciting introductions and financial troubles followed by essential comebacks to the automotive arena. These cars are popular for their high quality, safety, reliability and innovative features. The only problem for consumers is that new models can seem to be a bit pricy in comparison with other brands of this segment. On the other hand, if you are looking for a very high quality, prepare to pay extra bucks for that.

On the other hand you can always choose buying a used car which is also a great option when it comes to Lancia autos. The only thing you should always keep in mind is to check all information about the car and compare it with vehicle’s current conditions. Lancia recalls by VIN will come in handy. Lancia VIN check is becoming more and more popular with buyers of pre-owned cars. There is nothing surprising about this fact as Lancia VIN search provides users with necessary information at short notice.

But it’s high time we reviewed some historical facts about popular Italian automaker. Lancia brand was officially founded in 1906 by VicenzoLancia and is good mate Claudio Fogolin. Vincenzo was only 25 years old at that time which seemed to be a bit reckless for him to start car producing company at such a young age. Nevertheless, he proved to be a true daredevil to take a hard challenge and eventually lead his company to the top.

Vincenzo had one great feature. By that time he already gained enormous racing experience and was eager to offer consumers something extraordinary which had never been seen in Italy before. The next year after founding the brand he came up with his first model named Alpha. It had durable motor under the bonnet with a set of other innovations that appeared to be sensational of consumers of that time. Alpha model was followed by even more innovative and powerful Lambda auto available in two modifications. From that moment the brand has clearly determined its main strategy focusing on production of luxurious sports cars. Now production line includes a set of various models for all tastes and needs.

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