VIN check and its history for Lexus

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The battle for leadership on the automotive arena was becoming only tougher from year to year. US automakers were trying hard to oppose Japanese car producing brands that started gaining more popularity in the world and on American market as well. Toyota was among auto manufacturers that managed to conquer several segments at the same time including luxury car sector with its award winning Lexus separate division. These luxurious sedans and SUVs represent high class, great features, comfort and innovations. However, you should be ready to pay a lot for such combination of qualities. That is why in some case it would be better to choose pre-owned car. Don’t forget to check with Lexus recalls by VIN available on our website. This resource is aimed on providing buyers with detailed information that can be obtained via Lexus VIN check. The service is available free of charge. You can benefit from easy-to-use and convenient Lexus VIN search tool anytime you need.

The story of Lexus started in 198 when Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda held a secret meeting. The idea of such meeting was to create new brand, which would make it possible for the company to enter US market with new luxury models. Best engineers discussed possibility of launching production of luxury cars to oppose leading US producers. Eventually the first ever Lexus LS 400 was presented to American consumers. New model was rather popular with consumers. But the next one was even bigger hit. It was iconic LX 400. New luxury cars were presented at the Detroit Auto Show and appeared to be the main attraction of the event grabbing attention of every visitor.

Lexus managed to take the challenge from American automakers as well as Japanese participants of the automotive market. They included Acura brand, which was launched by Honda with the same aim as Toyota. At the same time, LS proved to be rather fierce competitor to major European manufacturers including BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Now famous luxury brand deals with production of wide range of vehicles from stylish and innovative sedans to luxury SUVs and coupes. The things have always been too good for the company which proves that the idea of launching was a great success featuring enormous sales increase.

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