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Chinese automakers have always been popular for producing cheap but reliable cars of high quality. They managed to enter world’s automotive arena with affordable and stylish vehicles which now can be found in different countries around the globe. Lifan is a perfect example of such automaker. It offers great options for every consumer. On the other hand, you can save even more if opting for pre-owned vehicle. Buying a used car has always been a good opportunity to get a good and reliable vehicle at the lowest price. The only thing you need to consider is to check with Lifan recalls by VIN available on our website. We offer an efficient and user-friendly Lifan VIN check tool that will provide you with information on a particular vehicle. Lifan VIN search will ensure you that your future car meets all necessary standards and requirements.

Lifan brand is a popular Chinese car producing company. It has already entered the list of top world’s automakers though it can be considered rather young. Lifan’s history started in 1992. At that time the brand mainly specialized on producing motorcycles. The sales rate started growing rapidly due to high quality and low price. The company was also gaining popularity and reputation. 5 years have passed and Lifan already had five factories.

Though bike production industry seemed to be rather profitable for the brand, the owners of the company have always been eager to start producing autos. But lack of engineering experience made them establish cooperation with Mitsubishi and Honda while Daihatsu company provided Lifan with necessary technologies and equipment to produce its first model.

2005 was a defining year for the company. It has eventually presented its first model to the public. 6361 was actually a pick-up followed by a low coast hatchback the same year. Lifan built several versions of its cars including compact autos, hatchbacks and sedans. Consumer seemed to be happy with vehicles, which later were exported to Brazil and other countries. Main advantages include not only low price combined with high quality, but also low fuel consumption making Lifan cars perfect for a city drive.

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