VIN check and its history for Lotus

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Lotus cars have always represented high level of performance, innovations and exceptional style. Popular British automaker made a name for itself not only in massive car production but also on racing track winning numerous prestigious titles and prizes. Every model reflects modern technologies and engineering talent. That is why all auto fans and gourmets are eager to have such car in their garage. Unfortunately, Lotus cars cost a lot as a rule. That is why buying a new one will be rather challenging. Used vehicles have always been a good chance to save some money and buy desired auto. However, you need to be sure that a car meets all necessary requirements. This is when Lotus VIN search tool will be rather handy. Our website will provide you with detailed Lotus recalls by VIN. You can choose free service and save money or opt for paid Lotus VIN check.

Famous British car producing brand was founded during 40’s and the first ever Lotus model was released in 1949. It had Ford motor under its bonnet with great HP rate. It was actually one of the most powerful engines of that time. It gave Lotus a chance to compete with Bugatti, which seemed to be unstoppable. Nevertheless, Lotus won Silverstone race making it clear that automaker was ready to take lading positions on the automotive arena.

It was time to expand production to meet requirements of consumers and bigger factory was built in 50’s. The same time Elite model was introduced. This car is still one of the most popular vehicles ever produced under Lotus name. In 1958 the brand started making appearances on F-1 racing track showing great results and won several titles.

However, in spite of such great racing success production of civil cars faced some obstacles. Moreover, two new models were not as popular with consumers as it was expected. Lotus 30 and 40 models appeared to be a failure. Introducing something new was the only way to improve the situation for the company. Lotus engineers worked rather hard and eventually released iconic Elise. This car appeared to be essential comeback for the company bringing it back on top on the automotive arena. Now the company is still represented in F-1 championship and produces award-winning autos for casual needs.

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