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MG has nothing in common with American automotive giant General Motors. It is a separate British automaker with a very rich history and award-winning autos, which captured attention of drivers worldwide. It produces high quality compact cars at the most affordable price. Nevertheless, buying a new vehicle is always a challenge when it comes to price. For some buyers pre-owned vehicles appear to be the only way to obtain a vehicle. The same thing with GM models. They still can be found on the market of used autos. Our website offers fast and easy method to check the history of the vehicle using MG VIN check tool. Its aim is to provide detailed information on manufacturer, features, years of production, etc. MG VIN search service is the best bet when you need to save time and money. You can also find MG recalls by VIN while browsing our web resource.

MG is a British auto manufacturer, which was founded in 1924. The first letter of the brand’s name stand for Morrison Garages. Few years after exporting cars to Oxford, the company decided to launch production of its own cars, which at once appeared to be in high demand. Within four following years owners of the brand dealt with attracting potential consumers and in 1928 they eventually introduced the first ever MG model. It was 18/80 car. However, it was not as successful as owners expected. The brand had nothing to do but to team up with Morris Motors for the second time in its short development period. But such steps were not enough to prevent discontinuing of MG models production which took place in 1952. By that time MG was mainly concentrated on production of sports cars. But such strategy proved to be a failure.

2 years after closing down the company made unexpected comeback with its new MGB model. It was cheaper than previous autos. It also had an eye-catching design and high level of comfort. Production of this model went on until 1980.

MG brand was looking towards expending and established collaboration with Rover, which is another popular British auto producer. After becoming a part of Rover Group, GM has come up with several new models including small compact autos as well as SUVs with low fuel consumption.

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