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When we speak of the most popular small compact cars, Mini brand is actually the first thing that come to our mind. These small and stylish autos have taken the world by storm many years ago. And they still take leading positions in their segment with range of developments and innovations in every new car. Though being rather affordable at the beginning of their history, new Mini models can be rather expensive for buyers. That is why it is sometimes better to opt for pre-owned cars available on the market at lower price. However, every used car needs thorough examination and check. This is when Mini VIN search will certainly come in handy. Our website is specialized in providing users with information about every vehicle no matter when and where it was produced. Our visitors can take the advantage of our Mini VIN check as well as Mini recalls by VIN anytime.

Though the idea of creating Mini cars belongs to British Motor Corporation, the brand belongs to German automotive giant. Mini is a subsidiary of BMW brand, which always means high quality and great performance along with low fuel consumption. The company was officially established in 1959. The first models were rather small. On the other hand, the cabin was spacious enough as well as boot capacity. Moreover, all buyers appreciated great design, which appeared to be rather innovative for that period of time.

In 1969 the first models under the Mini badge were produced. They came along with innovations and modifications which included automatic gear box and independent suspension for the most comfortable driving. One could hardly think of better variant for city drive. Another great feature of Mini cars was the fact they had rather efficient engine under the bonnet. They showed great performance in spite of their small size.

While being a part of Rover Group, Mini faced several design modifications and restyling. Such measures were necessary to increase the interest to new models. However, serious financial obstacles led to a rapid sales decrease. The company needed a new boost of energy. BMW was ready to provide the brand with such a boost. After German automotive giant purchased Mini brand, the sales rate started growing and reached 1 million units in 2007. A range of new models is still being produced offering buyers affordable and powerful cars of German quality.

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