VIN check and its history for Pontiac

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Pontiac models were among first representatives of so called muscle cars that are so popular in spite of time and space. The brand still produces award-winning and powerful vehicles, which combine innovative design with some features of old-school automotive classics. They are popular for powerful engines, huge wheels and high speed. If you enjoy listening to roaring engine while driving your car, Pontiac is certainly for you. However, new models are extremely expensive for several reasons. First of all, major new Pontiac autos are exclusive. Secondly, hey are produced of high quality materials. And the last but not the least they have Pontiac badge on their bodies.

The best way to get yourself such automotive masterpiece is to buy pre-owned car that can serve you for a long time. Pontiac VIN search will prevent you from any problems in future. It provides buyers with a full information including main features and specs of the car via 17-character code. This code is a basic mean for Pontiac VIN check. Follow our website to find out about Pontiac recalls by VIN number as well.

Founded in 1893, Pontiac brand can be easily included in the list of American automotive veterans. The founder of the company Edward M. Murphy was passionate for engineering and came up with an idea to start new business connected with the automotive industry. It was clear for Murphy that the future is for horseless carriages. That is why he dreamt was to manufacture a motor-driven vehicle. Unfortunately, Murphy died in 1909 and General Motors hurried up to buy his company.

The first vehicle under Pontiac badge was produced 15 years later. In fact it was a 5-seated carriage which was equipped by new 6-cylinder motor. It was more powerful in comparison with traditional 4-cylinder engines used at that time. That is why the first ever Pontiac model was more attractive for consumers. Release of Big Six models appeared to be defining moment for the company. The car enjoyed enormous success.

Boneville is another legendary Pontiac model. Release of new car took place in 1957. It actually determined the future vector of development for American automotive industry making it possible to compete with such US giants as Chrysler and Chevrolet.

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