VIN check and its history for Ram

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Newly formed auto brand launched by Chrysler has already gained good reputation and popularity among consumers all over the world. RAM cars come with high level of performance, powerful engines and great design inspired by classical American pick-ups and muscle cars. There is a range of new models with great capacity. However, buying them will call for a descent sum of money. Used RAM cars are also available. They can turn out to be a great solution for those who can’t afford purchasing new autos.

Our website will help both amateurs and experienced car holders while obtaining previous information about vehicle. We provide easy RAM VIN check service online featuring all necessary tools and options for a fast search and navigation. RAM recalls by VIN number are also available on our web resource. You only need to get a 17-symbol code and use it for RAM VIN search tool.

RAM is comparatively young automaker. It was founded in 2009 and can hardly be called a veteran of automotive industry. It was launched as a separate division of Chrysler and managed to earn good reputation within a short period. The first ever RAM model was released only in 2011. It enjoyed great success. From the very start new company was mainly specialize in producing trucks and pick-ups of high capacity and reliability. By the way, some may find brand’s logo rather familiar. They actually use the same badge firstly used by Dodge. The logo displays the head of ram, which inspired founders to choose such name for the new brand.

Current production line offers wide range of models and modifications for different purposes. They include selection of traditional pick-ups in addition to full-size trucks, vans and more. Though being officially established in 2009, Ram is believed to be firstly mentioned in 1981. The say Dodge was eager to enter truck market with a new brand. However, it was not officially registered until 2000’s. Now RAM manufacturers great trucks with good reliability and capacity.

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