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Not only Renault is among the biggest car producers in France, it is also the fourth largest automaker across the globe. This auto brand is extremely famous with consumers worldwide offering great cars with exceptional design, innovations and low fuel consumption. At the same time, it is one of the oldest car producing companies with enormous experience and enough techniques to produce award-winning autos for all tastes and needs. The company currently produces not only stylish sedans, coupes and hatchbacks, but also full-sized trucks, vans and passenger buses.

Though Renault cars are considered to be comparatively affordable, some purchasers may still find it difficult to obtain a new car produced by major French automaker. That is why pre-owned vehicles are the best bet in such situation. At the same time, buyers are recommended being rather careful when choosing a car. Renault VIN check service will appear to be vital tool for such occasion. Welcome to our website where you can find detailed Renault recalls by VIN number as well as save money and benefit from efficient Renault VIN search with huge discounts of free of charge.

Luis Renault founded his company in 1899 together with his two brothers. He quickly realized the entire potential of the automotive industry and wanted to get involved in this business among the first. Three years after the company was created, brothers released their first vehicle. Their salon had a 4-cylinder motor under the bonnet able to produce up to 24 HP. It appeared to be sensation for the whole European automotive industry and the model had a great success.

When WWII it was time to produce something new and up-to-date. Engineers came up with a revolutionary idea and soon enough presented iconic 4CV model. The official release of the car took place in 1946. The sales rate was even higher than anyone expected.

Production of 4CV was discontinued 10 years later as purchasers required something more innovative. That is why engineers made another effort to take the market by storm and introduced another legendary Dauphine model. After teaming up with Nissan, Renault became the fourth biggest automaker in the world making successful appearances on F-1 track. The array of models is even wider than ever. The brand has vehicles to meet all tastes and requirements.

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