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British automakers are extremely popular around the world with their great cars that conquered the entire automotive market. Rover is not an exception. It always had a great influence on development of British car producing industry. It is also one of the oldest world’s manufacturers. Though considered to produce affordable cars of high quality, new models may seem to be a bit too pricy. However, there is a perfect way out to save money and get a cool British vehicle.

Market of used cars is becoming more and more attractive for consumers who are not able to buy new cars due to different reasons. We are not going to discuss those reasons. The main point that that you need to be sure that your future vehicle will serve you well for a long period of time. This is when our Rover VIN search service will come in handy. Our website is an endless source of information about any vehicle of any manufacturer in addition to Rover recalls by VIN number. It will take you a couple of seconds to obtain necessary information via Rover VIN check tool.

The history of major British automaker started in 1904. The main aim was to produce descent vehicles for middle-class consumers. The first Rover models appeared to be in huge demand. The company offered several modifications including small compact autos and middle-size vehicles at the beginning of its development. When WWII broke out, Rover factories were mainly used for military purposes as well as production capacities of any other automaker around the world.

After WWII the brand started exploring European market an launched production of its P4 model in 1949. Those autos had enormous success and were exported to the European and US automotive market. Later 75 series was also launched in a mass production, which went on for 10 following year.

When compact car segment was totally conquered, Rover decided to try itself in a new niche of luxury vehicles and released its P5 model with newer modification reflected in P6 that appeared to be revolutionary auto. Now the brand offers line of various vehicle types of the highest quality featuring great design, numerous innovations and exceptional performance.

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