VIN check and its history for Saturn

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70’s appeared to be rather hard times for all major automakers around the world. Such car producing giants as GM were not an exception. Major US auto manufacturing company faced series financial troubles and faced the necessity to change strategy and increase the sales rate by all means. That is why owners came up with an idea of creating new brand. Saturn Motors was launched in 1985. New car brand got its name after a rocket which brought astronauts to the Moon.

Biggest part of models disappeared from the market and Saturn was eventually discontinued. Nevertheless, you and still find used Saturn cars on the market. They will be a great choice for drivers who are looking for good quality combined with a reasonable price. You can use Saturn VIN check to find out if the car was damaged in the past or ever stolen, as well as Saturn recalls by VIN number. At the same time Saturn VIN search tool will get you acquainted with production and feature info.

Those who are involved much in the automotive history probably know that the company started its operation with 99 specialists in various fields. They included specialists in design, marketing, engineering and more. Though the team firstly consisted of 100 employees, one of the dropped out just at the beginning of the brand’s history.

The main idea of launching Saturn Motors was to challenge overseas marketing strategies. Japan was the main rival at the time offering low cost and efficient cars with low fuel consumption. GM was aimed on getting its positions on native market back offering new models which were firstly introduced to the public at the beginning of 90’s.

First cars enjoyed great success and were critically acclaimed gaining good reputation as soon as they appeared on streets of the United States. 1993 was reported to be highly profitable year for a new running company. Two years later GM reported about 1 million units sold. But during 2000’s the company was not able to cope with all that financial pressure and had nothing to do but to reduce Saturn production line.

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