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Those who deal with transportation service are certainly familiar with Scania, which actually has one of the longest histories in the automotive industry. This brand has always been popular for its reliable trucks and passenger buses along with vehicles for different purposes. Every car is a perfect example of high quality and attention to every detail. Launched in 1891 the company has already manufactured over 1.5 million units of endurable cars of great capacity and efficiency.

Those who face the necessity of buying a truck or bus for commercial needs, is certainly looking for any chance to reduce costs and save extra money. On the other hand, they still need a vehicle that will meet the highest safety and quality standards. That is why used Scania is a perfect solution to this problem. At the same time, you need to be sure that your future vehicle is in perfect condition to handle with all tasks. Scania VIN check tool will help you to evaluate current conditions of bus or truck as well as check previous information about it. Scania recalls by VIN number available on our website can also come in handy. Many buyers of used cars have already taken the advantage of free and easy-to-use Scania VIN search service.

We have already mentioned that Scania history begins in 1891 when the company was officially registered. Swedish automaker I the leading producer of truck and buses that are exported around the world. From the start Scania decided to focus in building vehicles for commercial and transportation needs as few competitors took this potentially profitable niche by that time. Few years later the company started exporting its car to the nearest European countries including Denmark. The brand quickly earned reputation of reliable and high quality manufacturer.

During WWII Scania plant was one of the main strategic objects to meet necessary military needs and with capacity to build light-weight tanks. After the war its engineers presented their new development. It was 4-cylinder engine producing 100 HP that could be found under the bonnet of iconic L51 Drabant. Now Swedish producer has lots of plants across the globe and specializes in manufacturing buses and trucks only.

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