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An owner of the book store could hardly imagine that his brainchild would eventually turn into one of the biggest car producing companies in the world. Nevertheless, Skoda is certainly among major automaker snow. It offers wide selection of compact cars, high quality sedans, affordable hatchbacks and luxury vehicles for all tastes and needs. Production line include wide selection of modifications to meet the highest standards and tastes of the most demanding consumer.

Used Skoda models are extremely popular with consumers today mostly thanks to their reliability and high quality construction. They serve its owners for many years making it possible to resell them at affordable price and save some money. Our website will help you to evaluate conditions of any vehicle with the help of essential Skoda VIN search tool available on our resource. The main feature of our Skoda VIN check service is the fact that it is absolutely free. In other words, you can simply visit our page only and check with Skoda recalls by VIN number to learn as much information about the car as possible.

As we have already said, formerly book store owner came up with an idea of running his own car producing company in 1895. By the way, this fact makes Skoda one of the oldest car producing brans in the world. It all started with repairing shop. Its owners mainly dealt with bicycles at first. They were able to get rare spare parts for German bikes that were in great demand at that period of time. They quickly made a name for themselves due to high quality of their work. Soon enough they became extremely popular with customers.

Later they started producing their own bikes and exported them to the UK and other European countries. When they had enough money, they decided it was high time they entered automotive market. When WWII was over Skoda found itself to be the main manufacturer of passenger vehicles in Europe mainly due to governmental support, which eventually appeared to be to the detriment of further development.

After serious decline and financial obstacles, Skoda eventually presented its new Favorit model that enjoyed great success and made it possible for the company to gain some positions back. It returned to the UK automotive market and started exporting cars to other countries as well. In 1990 it established collaboration with VW and now produces high quality autos of different classes for all tastes.

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