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If you think there is no smaller car than Mini, you’ve never seem Smart models. It is a perfect vehicle to handle with heavy urban traffic and save money due to low fuel consumption. At the same time Smart models are famous for their eye-catching design, innovative features and reliability.

The idea of creating the brand appeared in Switzerland. Nicolas Hayek who was CEO in Swatch company was looking for investors to launch the project. Firstly he turned to VW owners. But the German brand faces financial troubles at that time and Daimler Benz appeared to be the only company to handle with the task.

In 1994 the first factory was built aimed on producing first Smart models. But Mercedes and Swatch had some arguments regarding the future style of new vehicle. That is why Swatch left Mercedes and continued the project on its own. In 1998 the sales rate started growing rapidly. All Smart models were sold in 9 countries by that time. It made Mercedes confident about potential and future success of the brand. In 2003 production of the Roadster and Roadster Coupe was launched.

Later models were a bit too expensive for consumers and didn’t enjoy as much success as their predecessors in spite of their stylish design. Production of the majority of Smart models was discontinued. Only two main autos were still produced including The Forfour and the Roadster. They were modified and had more spacious cabin with improved interior. It let the brand to stay on the market. In spite of all possible disadvantages including high price you simply can’t stay indifferent to the brand’s models. They certainly come with some style and innovations. At the same time there is no need to spend tons of money on buying a new vehicle. You can always opt for used cars. In such case Smart VIN lookup tool will be essential. You can choose from various methods of using Smart VIN decoder. Some of them are free while others establish additional fees. But you can always benefit from additional discounts. No matter what you choose Smart VIN number is the only way to find out all necessary information on the car.

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