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Subaru brand hardly needs any introduction. Its models are well-known to all auto fans and gourmets. But it appears that poplar Japan car producers firstly was focused on producing small and affordable cars which had nothing in common with current road monsters. The brand was founded in 1917 and has rather reach history. At first it was used for manufacturing of aircrafts as well as research laboratory.

When WWII was over, Subaru started producing its first scooter and small autos. But soon enough Board of Directors realized that automotive industry is developing rapidly and modern customers ask for more. Primary strategy was changed and in 1989 legendary Legacy has been introduced to the public in addition to Leone and Alcyclone series which were extremely popular during 80’s.

But it seemed not to be enough in order to increase the level of brand’s popularity and sales rate. This is why at the beginning of 90’s engineers came up with an idea to produce iconic Impreza and Vivio. Impreza WRX turned out to be sensational sports car making it possible for the brand to win WRC championship and prove the level of cars’ quality and reliability.

From that moment Subaru has been mainly specialized in manufacturing fast, powerful, stylish and reliable vehicles which are now recognizable over the globe featuring innovations and new developments. Few people know but Subaru is actually one-and-only automaker which offers all-wheel drive system as standard option for all models and modifications. Variable transmissions, powerful innovative engines and new gears have already become signature of major Japanese car producer.

Though Subaru cars are not considered to be rather expensive, average consumers may face difficulties in paying out the whole price for new car. Used autos also prove to show great performance and descent level of reliability. In case you have any doubts regarding particular model, you can benefit from our Subaru VIN decoder service. It will take you a couple of minutes to get detailed information using easy and efficient Subaru VIN number decoder. Our simple tool is aimed on protecting you from any kind of unfair treating while purchasing used car. With our VIN decoder Subaru buyers will obtain necessary information on particular vehicle at short notice.

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