Why Run Free Title Check By VIN?

If you are looking for a used car, you should know what branded vehicle title is. If the vehicle was damaged and the cost of its repairs exceeds its value, such vehicle is written off and is given a branded title. The term may vary depending on state, but among the most common options are salvaged, junk, rebuilt, totaled, among others.

As a car buyer, you are most likely want to know if your vehicle was flooded or somehow damaged. The easiest way to find out any issues is to use VIN calculator. Check the vehicle VIN and you’ll get a full and comprehensive history report of the car in question, including its branded title.

What free title check by VIN can reveal?

Below are some common titles a damaged vehicle can have:

None, or Normal/Clear. This means that the vehicle doesn’t have a brand and its title is clear.

Lemon, or Warranty Return (Buyback). Different terms are used depending on state. This brand is given in case when the owner wanted to repair a car under the warranty but failed and the dealership or carmaker bought back the vehicle or replaced it.

Junk, or Irreparable. Such vehicles cannot be driven or rebuilt. They can be used as scrap materials or for parts only.

Total loss, or salvage. This means that a vehicle has a major damage from flood, fire, accident, or other event.

Rebuilt. Rebuilt vehicles are those that had been salvaged but then have been repaired and inspected by the authorized dealership or manufacturer.

Remanufactured. Remanufactured vehicles are built from reconditioned or second hand parts by a licensed manufacturer.

Non-USA. Such vehicles have been intended for outside of the USA ride, but then have been converted and now meet US standards for emissions and safety.

Abandoned. If a vehicle has been found abandoned, it is given “abandoned” title in some states.

Original Taxi/Original Police/Fleet.These vehicles have been used as a taxi, police car or for other commercial use, which means that it has higher mileage.

Wrecker, or crashed. These vehicles cannot be driven ever again, because they were recycles, dismantled or used for scrap materials.

Theft. This is not a brand, but a status, and is given to a vehicle that was stolen. However, if it was found irreparable, it can be branded as well.

It is obvious that riding a car with one of the above titles is very risky and dangerous. For that reason, you should always get vehicle description by VIN before making any purchase decision.

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