What Does VIN Mean - Basic Information

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VIN Number Info That You Need to Know

Every vehicle produced since 1981 is assigned a unique number known as VIN. This number is used to identify each particular vehicle and has a standardized format developed by the ISO. A VIN consists of 17 symbols, both digits and letters, with the exception of I, O and Q (as they may look like 1 and 0).

Prior to 1981, automakers used their own systems to assign VINs. For that reason, VINs of two different vehicles of different brands could be the same. In 1979 and 1980, the ISO issued two standards for VIN systems, ISO 3779 and ISO 3780, which have been adopted by the EU and the U.S.

Every car buyer considering a pre-owned car should check VIN number info to ensure that the car doesn’t have any hidden issues or damage. In addition, a free VIN check tool can reveal lots of essential information about the vehicle. A VIN code can be divided into three main sections:

· The first to third characters (WMI) are used to identify the manufacturer.

· The forth to ninth positions (VDS) reveal the vehicle’s features, such as body style, model, platform, and many more. The ninth digit has special meaning — it’s a check digit that is used to ensure there are no errors in the VIN.

· The tenth to seventeenth positions (VIS) identify the particular vehicle in question and may provide information about engine/transmission choices and options installed.

The fastest and easiest way to decode your vehicle’s VIN is to use a free VIN check tool. All you need to do is enter the VIN into the search form. The VIN can be found in multiple locations, but here are the most common:

· On the door post/frame (usually driver’s but sometimes front passenger’s)

· On the dashboard (the most common location)

· On the vehicle’s engine

· On the firewall

· In the wheel arch (usually left-hand)

· On the steering wheel (sometimes on the column)

· On the vehicle’s registration, title, guarantee, maintenance book or insurance policy

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