VIN number check

What Is a Car VIN Number?

A Vehicle Identification Code, or VIN, is a kind of serial number assigned to every vehicle. It consists of 17 symbols, each of which is used to identify certain features of the vehicle in question, from its year and manufacturer to engine and transmission options. The last six positions are the most important, as they contain a unique ID of the vehicle.

Car VIN Check Process

A VIN check is a service that provides decoding of VIN digits and letters. Each position of the VIN is assigned a special meaning, such as make, model, assembly plant and year. For example, the very first position of the VIN reveals the region where the vehicle’s manufacturer is located. Numbers 1 and 4 mean USA, 2 Canada, W Germany, etc.

Benefits of a Car VIN Check

It’s highly recommended that every car shopper considering a used car check VIN number. If the vehicle is a lemon, a VIN check easily reveals that and you won’t waste your money and time on that vehicle any longer.

Of course, there are lots of factors to keep in mind when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned car, but the first step you should take to save time is to perform a VIN check. You will get a full history report, which includes valuable information about the vehicle, provided by the NICB.

Unfortunately, you can never know if the car seller or dealer is being fair with you. But if there are any hidden issues, a VIN check will reveal that immediately. This service empowers you with the confidence you need to make a smart purchase decision.

What Is VHR?

A VIN check gives basic information about the vehicle and may not be enough to find out if the car is in proper condition. For that reason, you should also get a Vehicle History Report, or VHR, that contains comprehensive information about any events associated with the car in question. It only takes a small fee and a few minutes to reveal any issues a vehicle may have, including but not limited to:

· Lemon history

· Salvaged title

· Flood damage

· Accident history

· Multiple owners or excessive car use as a taxi, lease or rental

· Odometer fraud

When using a vehicle VIN check service, you are not just getting a VHR; you are buying peace of mind and the confidence to make a wise purchase and avoid buying a lemon.