Autos That You Should Avoid Buying According to Car Critics

Modern car buyers are faced with a saturated market of vehicles, each promising the best driver’s experience. Yet, every year there are vehicles that not only miss the average mark — they fail horribly in several ways.These vehicles make buyers wonder what car manufacturer’s and designers were thinking when they opted to bring their product to market.

Below are some of the worst of worst vehicles that you will do well to avoid during your buying decisions.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Car critics hold Mitsubishi’s Mirage as a mirage of a vehicle. Although being very affordable (in fact, one of the cheapest vehicles on the market), this subcompact received some of the lowest road test scores.The Mirage is terrible fickle in power due to its 1.2 three-cylinder engine which boasts a whopping 74 HP.Professional drivers also noted poor steering, comfort, loud engine noise during the slightest acceleration.The one good note of the Mirage is its 37 mpg.

Mercedes-Benz CLA250

Mercedes usually makes the grade with its BENZ class cars.However, the CLA250 entry-level model leaves much to be desired.Apparent the black sheep of the family, the CLA250 lacks the engine and transmission power and smoothness that the higher models share.In many instances, drives felt that the CLA250 was very unresponsive on the road.Mercedes’s attempt to save on this vehicle is apparent when you experience the tight interior that fails to block out road noise.As a part of the luxury class, the CLA250 fails to deliver.

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac made considerable changes to the Escalade.Nevertheless, the changes did not register to critics and test drivers who rated the Cadillac with low scores.Some of the main complaints included an extremely stiff ride, poor steering and handling as well as braking problems.However, the worst argument against the luxury SUV is its lack of interior room and comfort—the calling card of Cadillac.Consequenlty, the Cadillac Escalade easily found itself as the worst ranked luxury SUV.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

The rise of ecologically sound electric vehicles and hybrids has seen a stark increase in features offered and technology.It seems that Mitsubishi did not get the memo.Several car testers held the i-MiEV as the worst of the electric vehicle class.The vehicle is a bare bones invention that is awkward, slow and a rough ride.Some tester felt that the vehicle was barely different from a golf cart.