VIN Recall Check and What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Was Recalled

According to the NHTSA, almost 22 mln vehicles were recalled for safety issues during the last year. Automakers are concerned about when and how they should inform drivers about the issues. While these questions are important, you are more likely want to know what to do if your car is recalled. Here are the main steps you are recommended to take to feel safe:

1. Stay calm

Recalls take place when a vehicle or its equipment has safety defects or doesn’t match safety standards. A recall does not always mean that your particular car has a problem, but rather that an issue has been detected in similar models and only has the potential to be occur in yours.

If you are going to buy a pre-owned car and want to find out if it was recalled, you can run VIN recall check.

2. Find out if your particular car was recalled Using VIN Recall Check

If you didn’t receive a notice from the automaker, contact it by yourself or go to the NHTSA’s site. You will need your vehicle’s identification number to perform VIN recall check. The VIN is typically found on the dashboard, on the doorjamb, orin the engine compartment. In order to check recalls by VIN number, use our website and you will get a full recall history for your vehicle.

3. Find out if you are eligible

If a car was firstly purchased less than ten years ago, the manufacturer is obliged to repair your car, replace it, provide compensation, or make other refund. If a car was purchased more than ten years ago, you will make the repairs at your cost. However, eligibility is confirmed within 10 days after you get recall notice.So, if you find out that your car was recalled, don’t waste time and contact the manufacturerasap.

4. Be patient and wait

According to the law, a manufacturer has a grace period to develop a plan of action after it issues a recall. There is nothing you can do but be patient and wait. Your local dealer is not required to take any measures before the manufacturer issues the official date.

The bottom line is that one of the most reliable ways to find out if a car was recalled is to use services that offer recall lookup by VIN number. Once you confirm this, contact the automaker and wait for further instructions.