Vehicle Information by VIN - What Details Can Be Obtained?

Every car producing company has been using VINs for its all models since 1954. However, ISO standardized format for all automakers has been implemented only in 1981. According to this format all VIN numbers must consist of 17 characters which can be used for identification of a particular vehicle. Before this time car producers were able to choose their own format of different symbols value and length. In such situations some numbers appeared to be equal which made it necessary to establish equal requirements and standards for VIN number on car.

This code can turn out to be essential for those who opt for used models providing buyers with basic data.

Types of vehicle information by VIN

Place of Origin

VIN code consists of 17 characters where the first symbols can be used to identify the country of origin. The ISO standard considers it to be either digital or letter. For example, digit 6 stands for Austria while letter W means that vehicle was manufactured in Germany. When it comes to European models, the first symbol can be used to indicate the location of company’s headquarters.


Second symbol indicates a particular producer of the car. If the first symbol in the code is letter J, you can figure out that your auto was manufactured by Honda. The same thing is with cars which are built under another badge.

Brand Name

Check with the third character of the code to identify the name of the brand or its separate division.


All main characteristics and specifications of the car are indicated by characters from 4th to 8th. Described features usually include body style, HP, motor, type of platform and transmission. In other words you will be always aware of the fact if anything was changed in the car.

Model Year

Year when the model was produced can be determined by the 10th symbol of the code. But you should note that model year has nothing in common with the year of manufacturing. Some models are available for consumers within a year after new model was presented.


The next symbol stands for a factory where the auto was assembled.

Serial Number

The rest of symbols indicated manufacturing or serial number of the vehicle. It is necessary to identify a particular auto among others.

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