Some Valuable Tips on How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Car with Help of VIN Number Breakdown

The worst dream of people buying a car is a vehicle that was stolen or is on hire purchase agreement. The police usually return stolen cars to their owners. Cars that are on hire purchase agreement are generally returned to their lenders or creditors free of charge. Anyway, it can’t be guaranteed for sure that you receive any compensation.

Below are several important sings which may mean that the car was probably stolen:

- Alterations or spelling mistakes in car documentation

- For some reason, the car seller won’t provide registration of the vehicle

- Registration has no watermarks

- Car’s owner name stated in driving license or passport differs from the one indicated in the car’s registration

- Numbers on the car differ from ID numbers stated on the registration

- No insurance policy provided by the seller

VIN number breakdown service is another way of making sure that the car you are about to purchase is not stolen. Vehicle identification number lookup provides all the needed important information about the vehicle, its full history and features. Just look up vehicle by VIN number with the help of our service and you will find out if it was stolen.

Reasons Why Seller Might Refuse to Provide Registration

V5C registration update is the most frequent excuse for not providing it. This might be the true fact, when the seller has recently changed residence place. But better be on alert. Don’t rush into signing the deal until all the needed documents are available.

One more excuse for not providing registration is that it is being updated at DVLA, because the seller has purchased the car only recently and ownership must be changed. A green slip is usually provided to the owner in such circumstances, which you may request.

ID Number Check and VIN Number Breakdown

Better ensure that the numbers mentioned below are identical to those indicated on the registration:

- Car registration mark

- VIN identification code, usually it can be found on the engine and/or the dash

- Engine number

In case these numbers don’t coincide, better cancel the purchase and call the police, because the car may be stolen.

Is the Car Currently Owned by a Lender?

Perform car history check and see whether it doesn’t have possible financial deals pending. VIN number decoding is a free tool to find out if the car is currently on hire purchase and whether it is, in fact, the seller’s property. If it turns out that the vehicle is on hire purchase, the car may be given back to the lender free of charge and you don’t have any real chances to have compensation.

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