How to Reveal Engine Type with Engine VIN Number Lookup Service

VIN code is a standardized 17-character number that contains all the essential information about the vehicle. Although the first VIN numbers were used in 1954, it was not until 1981 that this code’s format was standardized, and today all the car makers are obliged to assigned their vehicles with these unique codes. Each VIN character has its meaning, from make to year to assembly plant to equipment. And one can easily decode this number using our VIN decoder. You can find out any information with VIN search: engine, transmission, country of origin, braking system, and many more.

5 Steps to Find Out Engine Type via Engine VIN Number Lookup Tool

Here is how you can find out what engine you vehicle is originally equipped with:

1. Locate the VIN number. You can find it both on your title or/and registration documents and on the vehicle. Some of the common locations on the vehicle include:

  • On the driver’s side dashboard;
  • In the door jam of the driver’s or passenger’s side;
  • On the steering column/wheel;
  • On the inner wheel arch on the driver’s side;
  • On the firewall;
  • On the engine.

2. Once you found the VIN, get a decode key from either or Now you can see what information is decoded in the VIN. The engine type is usually decoded in any position from 4th to 8th character. Its position varies depending on other car’s features, including the year, model, car maker and components.

3. Verify the main characteristics of the vehicle, namely the year (it is usually decoded in the 10th position), the auto maker (the 2nd position of the VIN) and model (the 3d position). Ensure that these characteristics match actual information.

4. Find out the character which represents the engine of your vehicle. It is usually found in 4th to 9th positions, which make up a description sector containing information about the bode type, braking system and engine type. However, if you are looking for engine code of certain imports such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Lexus, Volkswagen, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and some others, their engine codes are found directly on the engine.

5. And the last step is engine VIN number check. You can do this by using an online service or via contacting the manufacturer with the engine code. In both cases you will easily obtain a full description of your vehicle’s engine.

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